The Circuit Ng.

reating a bridge between the upcomings and the industry elites.

The Circuit NG is dedicated to helping people understand the value of entertainment in a culturally music ecosystem. As a brand we capitalize on human resources and natural talents, helping budding entertainers rediscover their passions through an entirely different spectrum.


Quickly harness dynamic thinking through value added models.

Our Mission and Values:

WWe aim to create evergreen memories in the minds of people, we are passionate about uniting the artiste and audience in one event. By acting in their spirit, we give underground entertainers a voice, creating a bridge between the upcomings and the industry elites.

Our Strategy and Innovation:

Our vision is to become an important subscription for every fun and music loving person seeking to and engaging with the Universe through the funnels of sound wave vibe and party groove lifestyle. We embrace novel marketing ideas to always keep us ahead of our rivals.


At The Circuit Nigeria, we are very drawn to solving the hard problems in the entertainment industry and we achieve that by investing in excellent products and strategies. As a company, we insist on excellence from our recruitment process down to products and services.


We are here to win your trust every day through the actions and judgment of all our employees and partners. We operate under very strict and professional industry ethical code and culture.

Event Gifts

Our Complimentary Gifts For You

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  • Exclusive T-shirt
  • Lather Bag
  • Mug
  • Gift Hamper

Proud Partners

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