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The Circuit NG is dedicated to helping people understand the value of entertainment in a culturally music ecosystem. As a brand we capitalize on human resources and natural talents, helping budding entertainers rediscover their passions through an entirely different spectrum.

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On www.thecircute.ng.com, we have created an access portal for all interested participants. Fill out the required information carefully and before the registration deadline to be eligible for the contest. You will be directed on the procedures for the first screening in due time.

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Physical auditions will be held to determine the top talents in the DJ and Hypemen categories. The dates for each audition will be posted on the Circute NG website's activities calendar.

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The fans are an important aspect of the competition. The Social Thrive is a chance for supporters to feel like they're a part of the contest. Following the auditions, viewers will be able to vote for their favorite contestants to advance to the grand finale using our automatic voting system.

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The Circuit DJ Spin Off is a two-day disc jockey festival that celebrates the greatest level of art and entertainment. It also serves as a forum for business insiders to network and vendors to advertise and sell their wares. We're excited to offer pre-shows such as rap battles, fashion shows, and music performances, among other things. It will be a jam-packed event with plenty of giveaways and mementos.

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It is our culture to give what we have got to the world because we believe in you. You stand a chance to be a beneficiary of world values from our partners.

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